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'Gertrud Westphal' rose References
Website/Catalog  (2000)  Page(s) 94.  
Floribunda, Gertrud Westphal, Kordes R., 1951
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 206.  
Floribunda, orange red, 1951, 'Baby Château' x 'Obergärtner Wiebicke'; Kordes. Flowers orange-scarlet, single (5-7 petals), medium (3 in.); slightly fragrant; foliage glossy, dark reddish green; dwarf, bushy, much branched growth.
Book  (1978)  Page(s) 127.  
In 1951 Kordes  introduced a significant seedling of 'Baby Chateau' called 'Gertrud Westphal'.  It was single and scarlet, very short in growth, and revealed to many people for the first time the sweetness of Floribundas in flowering like a carpet on the ground......  Despite  much work, progress in this potentially popular type has been slow; perhaps some breeders ought to have kept 'Gertrud Westphal' in their hybridizing houses. Obviously there will be a great many short Floribundas in the next few years, and the American nurserymen are beginning to call them Patio Roses, or Carpet Roses. A good name is badly needed;  Dwarf Floribunda does not exactly pirouette upon the tongue.
Book  (1958)  Page(s) 132.  
Gertrud Westphal. F. (Kordes, '51.) Baby Château X Obergärtner Wiebicke. Medium size (3 in.), single (5-7 petals), slightly fragrant, orange-scarlet. Fol. glossy, dark reddish green. Dwarf, bushy, much branched.
Book  (1956)  Page(s) 16.  
Dr. A. S. Thomas.  New Roses Since 1948.  
The novelties in 1952 were more numerous than ever, and now, only four years later, many are forgotten already. This is not always fully justified.  For instance, August Seebauer, Betty Morse, Gertrude Westphal and Herzblut, all Floribundas, appear to have been passed over without due trial. I do not know of any of them in any garden, and yet overseas they are all regarded highly.
Book  (1955)  Page(s) 111.  
'Gertrud Westphal'. A German novelty. Polyantha-hybrid, semi-double blooms growing in pretty close-set clusters. The colour, a scarlet red, glows with such radiance that one's eyes are caught and held by it. The plant is of creeping growth, is thickly branched and covered with healthy green foliage. Dwarf.
Book  (1953)  Page(s) 20.  
Harry H. Hazlewood: 'Cocorico'. The colour is somewhat like 'Gertrud Westphal' but the growth is taller than that variety. Another point of difference is that the filaments which support the stamens in 'Gertrud Westphal' have a purplish shade which in 'Cocorico' are the normal yellow.
Website/Catalog  (1953)  Page(s) 9.  
Novelty Roses 1952.  Gertrud Westphal (Hyb. Poly. Kordes 1951) Single to semi-double large richest orange scarlet. Moderate growth. Really brilliant. 10/6 each.
Book  (1952)  Page(s) 258.  
Gertrud Westphal Floribunda (W. Kordes '51)... Orange-scarlet blooms...
Magazine  (Sep 1951)  Page(s) 3. trimester, p. 92.  
Registration Internationale des Roses Nouvelles en 1950 Sous le contrôle de la National Rose Society, de l'American Rose Society et de la Société Française des Roses ...
Reg. No. 193.; Gertrud Westphal; Enregistrées par W. Kordes; Obtenues par W. Kordes
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