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Peonies (Rogers)
(Jan 2000)  Page(s) 161.  
Arroway Origin unknown. A Japanese pink lactiflora
(Jan 2000)  Page(s) 158.  
A.B.C. Nicholls Herbaceous Peony. Nicholls 1937... white
(Jan 2000)  Page(s) 70, 158.  
Page 70: A.B. Franklin Herbaceous Peony. Franklin 1928... A large but compact double white, with soft rose and ivory hues...
Page 158: A.B. Franklin Franklin 1928. A double white lactiflora
(Jan 2000)  Page(s) 158.  
A.G. Perry Herbaceous Peony. Brand 1933. A semi-double or double pink lactiflora
(Jan 2000)  Page(s) 158.  
A la Mode Herbaceous Peony. R. Klehm 1981. A single white lactiflora
(Jan 2000)  Page(s) 158.  
Abalone Pink Herbaceous Peony. Krekler-R. Klehm 1978. A single pink hybrid
(Jan 2000)  Page(s) 159.  
Accent Herbaceous Peony. Franklin 1928. A double red lactiflora...
(Jan 2000)  Page(s) 159.  
Achille Herbaceous Peony. Calot 1835. A double pink lactiflora
(Jan 2000)  Page(s) 159.  
Ada Priscilla Herbaceous Peony. Guille 1928. A double white lactiflora
(Jan 2000)  Page(s) 159.  
Adolphe Rousseau Herbaceous Peony. Dessert-Mechin 1890. A semi-double or double red lactiflora
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