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4 days ago
Started the "real" pruning yesterday - completed 23 bushes - only 186 more to go!

It's a pleasure to prune this year. Lots of green cane to work with. I'm pruning down to where the pith is pure white with no brown coloring. Typically, that is just below the 2nd or 3rd bud-eye (from top to bottom) which has pushed out. With some like Sexy Rexy the pure white pith extends out to near the tips of the canes.

Decent (if not warm) weather is expected over the next few weeks, so I'll continue to plug away. The forsythia is not quite in full bloom just yet but it's close. But the roses are ahead of the forsythia this year and are ready to start growing (or already ARE growing).

I have to mention Darlow's Enigma. Last year no pruning at all was required but this year some canes in the middle of the shrub have not budded out at all. So I took out these winter-killed canes. On balance, Darlow's Enigma has fewer thorns/prickles than the average rose. But don't let that fool you. What thorns/prickles it does have are the sharpest and most devastating I have ever encountered! They are somewhat on the thin side, but the point is just so sharp. Marilyn Monroe is a picnic compared to Darlow's Enigma!
6 days ago
April 8th 2024
L 48 H 68
It’s suppose to be in the 60’s today. March was warm the 1st two weeks
then cold last two weeks. Think it’s time for the 1st lawn cut of the season.
Daffodils are blooming crocus are finished. Forsythia is in full bloom. Just some
warmer temperatures and I can finish the spring cleanup.
8 days ago
Rosal maravilloso: sano, fuerte, refloreciente, excelente fragancia y pocas espinas. Su flor es de un color malva o lavanda hermoso y su forma es grande, llena y esponjosa.
8 days ago
Planté a Olivia Austin en el año 2022, fue el rosal que inició mi andadura en esta afición. Está situada a pleno sol todo el día y es un rosal fuerte, sano y muy productivo. Florece sin parar desde mediados o finales de abril hasta bien entrado octubre. Fragancia, color y forma excelentes.
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