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10 minutes ago a tornado passed through our area. No visible damage here at my house but there was some very strong hail. Be careful what you wish for - I wanted some precipitation but not quite like this. As I indicated yesterday, it was over 70 degrees today but is dropping below 32 degrees overnight.
Two days ago (Saturday) it was 34 degrees with about an inch of overnight snow. Today (Monday) it got up to 68 and the forecast for tomorrow (Tuesday) is 73 degrees occurring about 3:00 PM. At 8:00 AM Wednesday morning it's expected to be 27 degrees with a coating of snow on the ground. I'm good at math and that's a 46 degree drop in the temperature occurring over a 17-hour period. In the wee hours of Thursday morning it's supposed to get down to 20 degrees. Then about 48 hours later on Saturday it will reach 65 degrees, and then 69 on Sunday.

That's quite the whirlwind and helps to explain why I believe more winter damage is done to roses here AFTER the bone-chilling sub-zero F temperatures have abated. The average temps for right now are a high/low of 40/25. But "average" here is simply a mathematical result as I don't believe we have such a thing as NORMAL!
4 days ago
Today is Saturday. Two days ago on Thursday it was 60 degrees. Yesterday it got up to 49 and I finished the rough pruning. About 6 PM yesterday the temps had dropped to the mid/low 30s and it started to snow - really hard at times. All in all maybe an inch fell, which the sun is melting right now even though the temp is only 30. Tomorrow the high temp is forecasted to be 59, and then 63 and 73 for Monday and Tuesday. Vivid evidence of crazy Chicagoland weather I suppose.

I am glad to have the moisture - we have not had any precipitation at all in the past 2 or 3 weeks. I even contemplated getting the hose out yesterday to do some watering but then resisted the urge. Given the long-range weather forecast I believe it IS going to be an early Spring.
5 days ago
Update - the rough pruning has been completed for all bushes.

I will add the rose Papa Meilland for consideration to the most winter tender list.
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