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Initial post yesterday by smoner4
Available from - Fraser Valley Rose Farm BC Canada
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Initial post 24 JUL 20 by goncmg
There is a lot of unknown with Lilac Charm's parents I think, something much more modern in that lineage than is evident in face value. Because NEWS is really modern in habit, bloom size, there is basically no scent.....the plant shows no traces of gallica or species, it looks and behaves just like any modern bedder. Here in NE Florida the summer blooms are pointless: they don't fully open, they tend to have misshapen petals (overly ruffled?) if they do open, the color is washed out grayish magenta. In the spring and fall the blooms are huge and vivid. Surprisingly free of fungal diseases. Repeat bloom is fast.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 25 JUL 22 by Michael Garhart
My general feeling is that News is 'Lilac Charm' x ('Tuscany Superb' seedling), but we'll never know now.
Reply #2 of 2 posted yesterday by Nastarana
That might explain how it happens that 'News' does repeat bloom, a feature one would not expect from the official lineage.
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Initial post yesterday by LaBrea/JoeO'Connell
These are old pictures I havent had this rose for a while it was always covered in Blackspotn and was never a very strong grower
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Initial post yesterday by Cambridgelad
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Ref. Dickson Roses Website: Private Treaty Roses
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