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Initial post 26 JUL 10 by arvid jørgensen
This rose which is said to be a hybrid perpetual, has really surprised me where winter hardiness is concerned. Whereas its company, a gigantic Alberic Barbier, suffered considerably from the last harsh winter, this one showed practically no freezing back at all. The plant has now reached almost 2meters. The large, double to densely filled flowers have a strong scent.They have a peculiar sort of fairytalelike beauty which is hard to discribe and even harder to capture with a digital camera. They look a bit like Mme Isaac Pereire. The plant however seems to be of a more easy to grow variety so far. (My Mme Isaac Pereire died some years ago.) Urdh seems to have the necessary qualities to become one of my favourites. Time will show.
Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Le_Not
I have had a similar experience with 'Urdh'. Indeed, it has all the good qualities of 'Madame Isaac Pereire' -- similar color and form, and nearly as wonderful of scent -- with much better health, a tidier growth habit, and winter hardiness (it's cane-hardy here). For rose growers struggling to keep Mme Isaac alive in a humid Zone 5 climate, I would highly recommend trying 'Urdh' instead. (And one more thing -- it's also surprisingly shade-tolerant. Mine get five hours of morning sun, with the rest of the day in the bright shade of mature black walnut trees, and bloom just fine.)
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Initial post 15 JAN 23 by Ericchn
Why is it marked “ Miscellaneous OGR”?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 16 JAN 23 by jedmar
An error, thank you for the heads up!
Reply #2 of 2 posted today by Michael Garhart
Time traveling roses are en vogue!
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Initial post today by Future F
This rose was stellar in the garden centre when I was in Oregon. I could not resist to buy it after moving to Chicago. After two month since I got it from the High Country Roses, it has been always covered by the full of buds and glossy healthy leaves !! The vase life is not good, but the smell is just superb. I hope it can live up to the Midwestern winter. Fingers crossed.
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Initial post 29 JUN 18 by HubertG
From the 'Rosen-Zeitung' 1900, page 51:

"Einige schöne Rosen für das freie Land.

... 5) Marquise de Vivens, Th. (Dubreuil 86). Mein ganz specieller Liebling. Die Blüte geht zum Grunde hin vom leuchtendsten Rosa in weiss-rosa und schiesslich in gelb über. Sie ist sehr reichblühend und die Menge der etwas hangenden Blüten macht namentlich auf einem hohen Mittelstamm, einem überraschend reizenden Eindruck. Dabei wird der etwas an Veilchen erinnernde Duft an Feinheit wohl kaum vom Dufte einer andern Rose übertroffen. Sie ist nicht sehr frostempfindlich."

My translation:

Some Beautiful Roses for Open Ground.

... 5) Marquise de Vivens. Tea. (Dubreuil 86). My rather special favourite. The flower graduates from the brightest pink to white-pink and finally to yellow at the base. It is very free-flowering and the mass of somewhat nodding blooms makes a surprisingly charming impression especially on a tall standard. And the fragrance, somewhat reminiscent of violets, is hardly surpassed in refinement by any other rose. It is not very frost-sensitive.

[I think this is the only other reference to the violet scent apart from the Sangerhausen description.]
Reply #1 of 12 posted 30 JUN 18 by Patricia Routley
Well, I have violets galore ....[nonsense deleted]
Reference added. Thanks HubertG.
Reply #2 of 12 posted 30 JUN 18 by HubertG
That's good to know that it can do well in dappled shade. I was thinking of trying this in a large decorative terracotta pot but in a position that wasn't the sunniest, so that information is useful. Thanks.
I have violets like weeds too.
Reply #3 of 12 posted 30 JUN 18 by Patricia Routley
I do have 'Marquise de Vivens' (came as "Mrs Good's Special Tea") but my two own-root plants do not do well for me. (One in heavy dappled shade and a younger one in full sun.

[more nonsense deleted] .... Sorry to mess you around HubertG. Perhaps the time is getting closer for me to retire.
Reply #4 of 12 posted 30 JUN 18 by HubertG
No matter, Patricia. I've decided I want to give "Mrs. Goode's Special Tea" a go anyway, if Thomas' have it in stock, even just for the fragrance alone.
Reply #5 of 12 posted 30 JUN 18 by Margaret Furness
If not, I can send cuttings at a suitable time of the year. It doesn't like my garden either, but it's very floriferous.
Reply #8 of 12 posted 1 JUL 18 by HubertG
Thank you very much Margaret. I'll certainly let you know if I can't obtain it.
Reply #10 of 12 posted yesterday by François PERROT
Je suis journaliste à Feurs (Loire - France), ville où la marquise de Vivens avait son château.
Je suis à la recherche pour une publication future de photographies récentes de la rose "Marquise de Vivens".
Je suis aussi à la recherche de bouture (sans les feuilles) pour pouvoir la réimplanter en France, chez elle à Feurs.
Merci pour l'aide que vous pouvez m'apporter.
Sincères salutations.
François Perrot

Good morning,
I am a journalist in Feurs (Loire - France), city where the Marquise de Vivens had her castle.
I am looking for a future publication of recent photographs of the rose "Marquise de Vivens".
I am also looking for cuttings (without leaves) to be able to relocate it in France, at her home in Feurs.
Thank you for your help.
Best regards.
François Perrot
Reply #11 of 12 posted yesterday by Margaret Furness
If you send me a private message with your email address, I will send you some photos.
It was listed in the 2020 catalogue of La Roseraie du Desert, which has changed hands and is much smaller. I hope someone who bought it from them can help you with plant material, as sending cuttings or budwood from Australia is very complicated and expensive.
Reply #12 of 12 posted today by François PERROT
Merci pour votre réponse.
Je viens de vous envoyer un message privé.
Reply #6 of 12 posted 1 JUL 18 by Andrew from Dolton
Patricia, your knowledge and dedication to HMF are invaluable - don't you dare retire!
Reply #7 of 12 posted 1 JUL 18 by Patricia Routley
Thanks Andrew. That is nice of you. But the days dwindle do my supply of marbles I think.
Reply #9 of 12 posted 2 JUL 18 by billy teabag
You have millions of marbles Patricia. Marbles to spare.
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