This page lists the plant cuttings you have indicated you have or you want. Under each plant name heading, is a list of other HMF members that have or want cuttings for that plant.
For example, if you posted a plant cutting indicating you want cuttings for plant 'XYZ', the list will include those members that have cuttings available. The same for plant cuttings you have and others want. A plant name heading without a member list below simply means currently there are no other members meeting your cutting request (ie have vs want) for that plant.Click the plant name to jump to the plant page.Click any member name to view their HMF member page. There you can post either a public comment or send a private message inquiring about exchanging plant cuttings with that HMF member.Every night, all the new plant cutting postings for that day are compared to the list of members with existing plant cutting lists to see if there are any matches. A notification email is sent to each member alerting them if a match is found. For example, if you post a plant cutting indicating you want cuttings for plant 'XYZ', an nightly email will be sent to all HMF registered members that have cuttings available for plant 'XYZ'.You add to your plant cuttings list by clicking the "I have" or "I want" cuttings buttons on the appropriate plant page and you remove them using the "REMOVE" button found to the right of the plant name on this page .