This page displays member journal entries added to the website recently. The most recent are listed first.
Click on the member name link to view their complete journal.If there is a "Re:" line (Regarding), this journal entry pertains to that specific plant or listing. Click on the plant or listing name to view more details.All members are welcome to use HMF to keep a gardening journal.Premium membership provides for several additional journal features. Premium members can customize the journal lists using the LIST OPTIONS button. The SUBJECT options allow you to limit the list to plant specific journal entries. The MEMBER FILTER options allow you to filter the list to include specific groups of members as follows.
Everyone's journal entries
All member's public journal entries are included. Public journal entries are those designated to be shared with all members. Premium members can add private and private group journals.
My journal
All your journal entries.
My favorite member journals
Journal (public) entries from all the members you have added to your HMF favorite members list. You add members to your Favorites list using the ADD TO FAVORITES button found on each members profile page. The feature allow your to follow the members your find particularly interesting.
Private group journals
Private groups allow you to share specific journal entries with your friends. Add each other to your HMF Friends list and you can post journal entries only your friends can view. You add members to your Favorites list using the ADD TO FRIENDS button found on each members profile page.