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Sherri Berglund
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Initial post 31 JUL 20 by runningstream
Searching for a couple of Souvenir de Mme Boullet HT

Please let us know if you have a couple to ship.

Many many thanks.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 31 JUL 20 by Sherri Berglund
Sorry, I do grow this rose but I don’t have plants available. Try contacting The Friends of Vintage Roses, they had this available during a recent plant sale as a fund raiser for their nonprofit organization. Good luck!
Reply #2 of 2 posted 1 AUG 20 by runningstream
You’re so very kind.
Thank you for your swift reply.
I contacted Mr. Lowery, he too replied, but, unfortunately I was 4 weeks too late. All Of his are sold for this year.
I’m on the search because my beloved dog Max passed away rather suddenly on July 3rd. We had this rose growing back when I first adopted Max. I’d like to plant a couple now in his memory in our current yard~he’d like this very much.
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Initial post 30 NOV 19 by Danty
Dear Support,
I wrote and received a reply from you about not receiving email notifications when I receive a HMF private message.
I did reply back that I haven't changed my internet service provider for many years.

Any progress on that issue?

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Initial post 21 NOV 19 by Danty
Hi Sherri,
You have the miniature rose, PLAYGOLD, listed on your Plants Grown.
Do you still grow that rose?

I used to have it but lost it several years ago.
No nursery seems to grow it any longer or I would buy one.

If you still have the rose would it be possible to get a few cuttings?
I would be happy to send you a SASE for you to ship them in.

Thank you,
Dan Tyson
Simi Valley, Calif.
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Initial post 26 APR 16 by Sherri Berglund
I sent a donation of $75 through Paypal on 4-2-16 which should have included a year membership, but when I sign in, status shows membership expired on 4-13-16. I received notification from Paypal that the payment was sent to HMF but didn't receive a confirmation from HMF. Could you please check on this? Thanks.
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