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Initial post 3 AUG 22 by Little Annie
Hi. Just became a member and I have a question. I grew some roses many years ago and want to start growing them again. I'm very interested in two bourbons and cannot make up my mind as to which one. First, Mme. Earnest Calvat or Boule de Neige. I'm in northeastern Ohio, zone 5b and I want very fragrant roses. I love both roses forms, but, I've read that BdN is not very fragrant, yet, it is disease resistant, where MEC is not. I've done as much reading as I can find on both roses. Can anyone growing BdN give me any information on it's scent and the strength of it? I would sure appreciate it as BdN is a more practical rose for me, but, if it's not very fragrant I will pass it up.
Reply #1 of 7 posted 5 NOV 22 by Frenzy
Boule de Neige ist very fragrant, has strong Bourbon/Centifolia fragrance. Also very disease resistant. It will definitely need winter protection in zone 5b though. If I had to chose between BdN and MEC, I would go with BdN.
Reply #2 of 7 posted 5 NOV 22 by Little Annie
Thank you, Frenzy I appreciate the info. I'm in zone 6a and I've read that BDN is winter hardy to zone 5. What is confusing is different nurseries say different things about it. Angel Gardens says it is slightly fragrant and Peter Beale says strong rose scent. When I made the first post I assumed I was still in zone 5 and later found out it's changed to 6. However, I plan on giving all my new roses winter protection for the first year. BND has a smaller rose, but, the shape is just beautiful as are her buds.
Reply #3 of 7 posted 12 APR by princesskatja
I don’t do any winter protection here in Spokane (my yard is very cold; likely more zone 5 than 6). It usually sails through just fine it’s on the east side of the house.
Reply #4 of 7 posted 12 APR by Little Annie
For my white roses I ended up getting Madame Plantier, an Alba, and am ordering Madame Hardy as soon as one comes available. I am also getting Konigin Von Danemark ( Queen of Denmark), also and Alba because of their disease resistance and beautiful blooms and fragrance. I planted Madame Plantier late last summer and I worried about it dying over the winter, but, it's leafing out beautifully and looking very healthy, though, small.
Thank you for your reply, princess.
Reply #5 of 7 posted 12 APR by Nastarana
May I ask where did you find KvD?
Reply #6 of 7 posted 12 APR by Lee H.
I got mine from David Austin US, but alas, they are sold out for this season.
Reply #7 of 7 posted 12 APR by Little Annie
Both Heirloom Roses and High Country Roses have Konigin Von Danemark. It's such a beautiful rose I don't care if it only blooms once a year. Both roses are sold out right now, but, will be available soon, so, keep lookiing at these sites or put in a wish for them and they will email you when they are ready.
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