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11 MAY 16
Band acquired from A Reverence for Roses, 4/2016 own root.

"Special" Location near road, the front of the field, where there is a old power pole (as well as a new one). The Idea is to allow the rose to disguise the pole, and the town shouldn't bother cutting it off the disused one.

Chose this "salt tolerant" rose because they salt the roads a lot around here in winter. I usually reserve these places for Rugosas (i see them all over ocean beaches in Long Island), but this power pole was calling out...
6 MAY 16
The colors of this in photos are so HOT pink! I just got mine as a rooted cutting 1+y from A Reverence for Roses in Florida, This new nursery has a very interesting selection of rarities and all the bands I got from them are doing well (about 6 or more).

The Bed that Comice de Tarn is sharing also has Souvenir de President Lincoln, Rouge Royale, Crested Sweetheart, and Marchionesse of Lorne. What a HOTBED of flowers.

Usually the deep pink/almost red family are too loud for me, but I have planted them along a path that my daughter Morgan wheels by to her special Gazebo. She is 16 and has Rett Syndrome and cannot walk, or talk, etc, but she doesn't miss a beat and loves bright colors.
6 MAY 16
Just got my Rouge Royal from Edmunds/Star roses delivered and planted. It is in the same area as Crested Sweetheart and Souvenir Du President Lincoln, Marchioness of Lorne, Comice de Tarn-Et-Garonne.

I have a feeling this bed is going to be HOT!!! (Pink...)

The other bed theme seems to be "French"
4 MAY 16
Met Alain Meilland at the ARS National Convention, Syracuse, NY September 2015
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