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Initial post yesterday by Marlorena
''Moderate fragrance'' is something of an understatement for this striking and beautifully scented, Edwardian HT..

Notwithstanding they were in the business of selling it, references by E.G. Hill 1910.. Dicksons 1914, and H. Kemp 1909 are on the ball. Piffle to Rosenlexikon 1936..

Exceptionally vigorous 'own root' and does not need a rootstock where I am.. [East Anglia, England, 2024]..
Reply #1 of 2 posted yesterday by scvirginia
Hi Marlorena-

I've changed the description from 'moderate' to 'strong'. Thanks for your feedback and sumptuous photos!

Reply #2 of 2 posted yesterday by Marlorena
Thanks Virginia !..
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Initial post 5 JUN by thebig-bear
In much the same way as others have questioned whether or not Belle Amour is in fact one of the parents of Constance Spry, I find myself wondering whether Queen of Denmark is in the parentage of Getrude Jekyll. When examining a flower from the former, the shape, colour, and most particularly the scent, have a great many similarities, at least in my experience. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Reply #1 of 4 posted 5 JUN by Marlorena
Not for me, no. I see similarities between 'Gertrude Jekyll' and 'Baronne Prevost'. I grew them both here and I could quite believe that they are connected. I've also had 'Queen of Denmark', but I wouldn't personally have made that association, so it's interesting that you find it so, and I know you are very observant.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 5 JUN by Nastarana
Don't recall the reference, but I was under the impression that a Portland rose, C. de Chambord, is a parent of Gertrude Jekyll. I think that such was claimed by DA Co. back when they first released GJ.

C de C x Constanc Spry I seem to remember seeing somewhere.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 5 JUN by thebig-bear
Nastarana, you are right about Comte de Chambord being one of the parents given for Gertrude Jekyll, though I believe it is supposed to have been used as the pollen parent, with Wife of Bath as the seed parent.

That is one of the things that doesn't add up for me. I have C.d.C., and while not totally dissimilar to Gertrude Jekyll in some ways, it doesn't really remind me of her as much as I feel it should. It certainly hasn't had a positive effect on decreasing the size of the plant, in the way that any good Portland would usually do. Also, the scent is distinctly different, at least to my nose - much more of a pure damask, and not really like G.J., which has a certain something extra to the fragrance that is more akin to something like, say, Queen of Denmark. The fact that no trace of the mryhh type scent from Wife of Bath being present also doesn't make sense to me, as this has been carried across several such roses of that period in breeding the English Roses, and seems to be quite a strong characteristic.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 5 JUN by thebig-bear
Thank you, Marlorena, for such a compliment, though I'm not sure that I really deserve it!

I've never grown, or even seen, Baronne Prevost, but I've always thought it looks to be a very lovely rose, and it is supposed to be a grandparent of G.J., so if the given parentage is accurate, then that wouldn't be surprising that it is quite similar. (although Comte de Chambord, which is supposedly a descendant of Baronne Prevost, and the given pollen parent to G.J., is very much smaller)

Not to cast aspersions, but I have heard it said that there are doubts about a few of Mr Austin's roses as to their parentage, and this is one that I have started to question, just a little bit.
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Initial post 22 MAY by Marlorena
Rose Listing Omission

Emma Bridgewater
Reply #1 of 1 posted 22 MAY by Patricia Routley
Thank you Marlorena. Added.
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Initial post 25 JUL by Marlorena
This rose has the most beautiful red edged foliage, and lots of very red thorns on new shoots..
Reply #1 of 2 posted 21 MAY by redclayroots
How would you describe your Dannahue after a year, Marlorena? I haven’t seen a lot of commentary on it since shortly after it launched.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 21 MAY by Marlorena
Hi redclayroots..

I can't help you much with your question as I don't actually have 'Dannahue' in my collection, my observations are from what I've seen in gardens here and those who do have this rose.

I gather the blooms don't last too long but otherwise it's a most floriferous rose, and some report a good scent at times. I especially love the foliage I see on it.

That's all I know.
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