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22 SEP 15
This came from S & W Greenhouse in Tennessee and was a fine sturdy plant (as were all the roses I bought from them.)

I have some issues with your description on this site, it has an intensely sweet almost violet scent and it is very thorny indeed. Great big very sharp thorns, many of them. Flowers are borne in clusters from spring to fall but they don't last very long in a vase. The young blooms and buds are almost apricot, rapidly fading to creamy white. The yellow stamens really stand out against the burgundy bull's eye in the center. If you do not deadhead it will produce perfectly round olive green hips that do not turn red in my dry climate.

A very vigorous grower, with shiny mid green leaves, this rose is tolerant of severe pruning. I will freely admit to having a weakness for novelty roses. I have been disappointed many times as they are often short lived and in need of pampering. Not this one. It is a magnificent specimen rose, a real eye catcher, yet the flower color seems to look good no matter what you place nearby. Mine was close to five feet tall and wide without any support before I pruned it prior to transplanting. I am thinking it would be a spectacular hedge.
27 AUG 15
Are you going to be marketing this yourself? I would very much like to buy it.
16 JUL 15
I planted Honey Dijon as a specimen, a punctuation mark to end a long swath of white, apricot and pale pinks and yellows.

Pros: It is a fine sturdy disease free plant which blooms in flushes freely throughout our long miserably hot summer, unphazed by hot drying winds and horrible clay gravel 'soil'.

Cons: The color does not play nicely with others. New blooms are pretty but linger fading unpleasantly and remain firmly affixed as crunchy dry brown lumps.

I am going to do something I never done before. I am going to move a healthy happy rose because I don't like how it looks where it is.
16 JUL 15
I paid $17.95 plus S&H for this rose and was underwhelmed when it arrived, it was undersized and spindly. It was not happy where I planted it, basically did nothing last year, so this spring I moved it. It took about a month to decide whether it was going to live or die but it appears to be tough and likes it's new location better. Full sun 14 hours a day and lousy soil but it is happy, growing and blooming. Go figure.
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