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A Jardineando en Madrid
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Initial post 24 JAN 13 by A Jardineando en Madrid
I planted my roses Pierre de Ronsard in January 2011. They have flourished so far two seasons. Live in Madrid (Spain) where the climate is harsh (hot in summer and very cold in winter) The sun is scorching. Maybe that's why my Pierre de Ronsard only bloom in spring. But the bloom is so spectacular! Roses are large with many petals, virtually unscented, with beautiful shades cream / pink. This is a healthy rose, vigorous, beautiful and fast growing vegetation. They hold quite well the strong sun of Madrid (Spain) but rose slightly fade with the sun. They are also resistant roses in the rain. They bloom in May and flowering lasts about a month. Too bad then not bloom again until the following year. However I am very satisfied with the outcome of this rose.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 JAN 22 by Peter Egeto
Sorry for the late reply - i'm looking at this rose and rather looks like White Eden/Palais Royal. But it's just my thought
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Initial post 4 APR 14 by lingdang
hi~~love your garden~Big color piece is wonderful.The garden looks elegant and!Hope to see more photos:)
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Initial post 24 JAN 13 by A Jardineando en Madrid
Jude the Obscure is a strong and vigorous rose. It blooms from spring until frost. Is healthy and becomes a high bush, approximately 1.30 meters. Roses are large with many petals, peach colored but the sun fades. Flowers in bouquet. The aroma of this rose is very intense. I've had no problem with aphids and fungal diseases. The sun does enough damage in the color of roses and summer during flowering roses are almost white. It is a good rose.
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Initial post 23 JAN 13 by A Jardineando en Madrid
I can not upload pictures
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