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Pamela Temple
'Marguerite Jamain' rose photo
Photo courtesy of Pamela Temple
Pamela Temple
California, United States
I have gardened my entire adult life. For years my interest was mainly in growing food. As time went by I couldn't help adding flowers. When my marraige disolved in 1989 I left my 15 year old garden behind and was stuck in town mostly growing things in pots. For several years I had a job landscaping and maintaining a lovely garden at a hot springs resort. In 1995 Michael and I were married and moved up here to Red Rose Ridge. I grew vegetables as I always had but became increasingly interested in flower gardening. I've always grown a few roses. Then an epiphany happened. I saw a small ad in the newspaper about a Mother's Day sale of antique roses. I had for many years been interested in this idea. I actually thought that antique roses were exspensive, like antiques. So we went to the sale. This was Mendocino Heirloom Roses run by Gayle Daily. We walked into the site and it was love at first sight. She had an amazing variety of old roses in three gallon pots. They were all blooming. The unusual forms, scents, history, and romantic names just slayed both Michael and I. We completely packed our hatchback Acura and then went back the next day for more. I then started researching. It became a passion. The garden began to grow. In 1999 we put in an agricultural pond and I realized i could make my dreams come true. My garden here has become my life's work. It has grown now to three acres and over 1000 roses. At this point the maintenence is a bit overwhelming for one 62 year old woman. I'm doing my best. I am thankful to have this passion in my life.
I should add that in the past few years I have dedicated myself to specializing in Ramblers. I have taken over the Vintage Gardens rambler collection and am working to add to it to make as complete a collection as possible.
Very experienced (50 years)
Society member, Rustler, Volunteer or Staff (non-commercial)
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