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'Graceland (hybrid tea, Warriner, 1986)' rose photo
Photo courtesy of wittejo
California, United States
I learned to garden from a professional horticulturist and a professional landscaper who worked at the movie studio where I worked and for which I organized and led volunteer projects. With large groups of volunteers, you almost necessarily need outdoor projects--like gardening--so I had to learn how to garden so I could lead them! Once I realized that getting something to grow wasn't just the proverbial green thumb but the result of learning, experimenting and hard work, I felt empowered to learn more on my own!

I developed my own home garden because, after spending so much work time making things nice for organizations, I wanted to create a restful spot of beauty for myself and my husband.

My friends liked what I did and actually hired me to design gardens for them. I have a business partner who provides the labor, and I provide the design! (Same scheme at home, actually: I'm "Design," husband is "Execution."
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