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'Betty Boop ™ (Floribunda, Carruth, 1999)' rose photo
Photo courtesy of CarolynB's garden
California, United States - ( Zone: 9a )

I began growing roses several years ago.. I knew very little about them, but I bought a book to teach me the basics, and I had some modest success. Then I focused mostly on smaller flowers for a few years, having moved to a place where there wasn’t much room for roses. I renewed and expanded my interest in roses a couple of years ago, after moving to a place with a little more useable yard space (though still a modest amount). The HelpMeFind and EveryRose websites have contributed a tremendous amount to my rose education since then.

I currently have 22 roses. I hardly have space for any more, but I imagine I'll give in to temptation and bring in a few more somewhere along the way, keeping them in pots if necessary. (Some are already in pots.) My wish list is getting pretty large. But for now I’ll concentrate on enjoying the ones I have, and learning more about helping them to fulfill their potential.

I recently got my first digital camera. I also just transferred some recent rose pictures from film to digital. So I’m now able to post my rose pictures on HelpMeFind for the first time. I’m looking forward to the upcoming spring flush, when I’ll be able to take more rose pictures while my roses are at their best. My first efforts at rose photography have been a learning experience with regard to lighting, and didn’t always get good results – but I did get some good shots. I'm excited to try again when the spring flush starts.
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