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Alister Clark Memorial Rose Garden (St. Kilda Botanic Gardens)
'Alister Clark Memorial Rose Garden (St. Kilda Botanic Gardens)'  photo
Photo courtesy of kate
  Listing last updated on 14 Jul 2024.
Blessington Street
St. Kilda, Victoria 3182
More to be read about the formation of this garden can be read in the ‘Australian Rose Annual’
1950 page 84,   1951 page 47, and 1952 page 78.

1993. Australian Rose Annual – page 48.
Stratton, Maurice A. (Glen Iris) Alister Clark Memorial Rose Garden [Excerpts from this article].
......Unfortunately the rose garden deteriorated seriously during the early and mid 1970s due to a combination of factors – condition of the soil, lack of general maintenance and deterioration of the rose bushes. During 1973 and 1974, the Department of Agriculture, Melbourne tested the soil and detected a large infestation of numalodes [nematodes?]. At the same time experiments were carried out to determine the best rootstock onto which new bushes could be grafted successfully. In 1978 Dr. A. S. Thomas wrote to the St. Kilda Council expressing the Rose Society’s deep concern about the condition of the rose garden and suggesting some remedies. In reply the Council gave approval to the Society to improve the soil and replant the garden if it could fund the project. Subsequently on 25 February, 1982 a meeting was held between representatives of the Rose Society, the Council’s Superintendent of Parks and Gardens and a third organization. – the St. Kilda Gardening Group, which had asked to participate in the project. At the meeting it was agreed that a long term plan should be drawn up to replace both the infected soil and the deteriorated rose stock. A year later – in 1983 the St. Kilda Concil produced the “Blessington Street Gardens Redevelopment Study” which incorporated proposals to restore the major existing problems of poor soil, inferior rose bushes, low level of maintenance, inconsistent pruning, irregular replacement of bushes by the Rose Society due to insufficient funds. The lack of interest in, and knowledge of Alister Clark and his achievements by visitors to the garden was also considered to be a factor which would require attention. The core of the plan produced by the Study Group was the proposal to create a smaller, well maintained rose garden with an appropriate and interesting layout based on the original design of 1950. Construction commenced in 1984 and was completed during the following year. The new garden was formally rededicated on 17 November 1985 by the then Mayor of St. Kilda – Cr. Brian Slattery, during the St. Kilda Garden Festival. ......Near the south-eastern exit{are} a number of Alister Clark roses including Mary Guthrie, Fairlie Rede, Mrs. Albert Nash, Mrs. Alston’s Rose, Marjorie Palmer, Sunny South, Jessie Clark and Glenara. .....The gazebo is surrounded by two plantings each of the well known Alister Clark climbers Nancy Hayward and Black Boy..... The four, surrounding, inner semi-circular beds contain 40 bushes of 10 varieties of Alister Clark ramblers. Among the most colourful of these is the late flowering, deep pink Gladsome – a magnificent sight! ....During the next 3 years the Curator - Miss Dujmovic, plans to introduce more Alister Clark roses particularly focussing on climbers, ramblers and large bush varieties. All roses will be labelled and an attempt made to promote the importance of Alister Clark in the propagation and culture of roses in Australia.
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