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'Scarlet Knight' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 22 APR 14 by goncmg
Well, blink and it'll be gone. Happens so often with roses and looks like I just realized Scarlet Knight was but sand through my hourglass. Had it for YEARS, all the 80's and into the 90's in my personal garden and until 2011 Columbus Park of Roses had a huge, healthy bed of this. Now all gone. It is a GREAT rose, and I admit: I don't like red roses! AARS 1968, released perfectly timed as those before it all had heavy scent and that red-maroon that tended to "blue" and those reds after it tended to have no scent but also a clearer, purer color that didn't "blue." Scarlet Knight doesn't "blue," it doesn't have any scent, the color is rich and deep, the blooms a BIG, the plant has gorgeous dark, glossy foliage. The blooms are big enough that this one could easily have been assigned Hybrid Tea as a class, it clusters a bit but so many HT's from its day do as well. Reds are not my favorites----they tend to lack personality to me----and this one I suppose is no different. Not a stand-out. But REALLY GOOD. I feel bad inasmuchas I always liked it, took it for granted it seems, and now although still available, only marginally so...............planted with its co-AARS from 1968, Europeana, the bed could be a stunning litany in deep red and big, glossy dark leaves..............
Reply #1 of 4 posted 27 OCT 15 by Michael Garhart
Can you compare it to Roundelay or El Capitan, in both blooms and plant architecture? Also, bloom clustering and repeat. Since all of these "red grandifloras" were so abundant then, it would be helpful to set them as different, especially those leaning toward HT or GR. I see Scarlet Knight a lot here, sold in cheap 2 gallon pots at Home Depot. They do not seem to cluster flower at that age.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 27 OCT 15 by goncmg
Completely different than El Capitan and Roundelay. Crisp substance, fat and substantial plant with think hard stems, very well-behaved plant that grows tall but it thick stemmed, big hard glossy leaves, thorny. There is no pink or purple to the bloom. Bloom cycle seems no less/more than any large flowered variety, clusters are 2-4 and a lot of blooms come as singles. Scarlet Knight really could be a Hybrid Tea per my experience. Roundelay and El Capitan read, to me, very "old fashioned" and SK reads far more "modern" and would not be out of place with roses released today. El Capitan is a disease magnet for me. Roundelay was somewhat more resistant. SK is better than both but will blackspot.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 19 JAN 22 by drossb1986
Picked this one up as a body bag just yesterday!
Reply #4 of 4 posted 19 JAN 22 by goncmg
Nice! What store?
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most recent 23 MAY 10 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 MAY 10 by k~T~h o'Silicon Valley
May 2010: ~SCARLET KNIGHT~ can be purchased in the 1 gal pots for $7.99 at HomeDepot garden centers; it also appears now in the tree size as well. This rose rather resembles ~MR LINCOLN~ in color & velvet texture of rose petals. It seems to have more buds than MrL.
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most recent 21 APR 08 SHOW ALL
Initial post 18 APR 08 by new to roses
I received 2 Scarlet Knight rose bushes as a house warming gift, but they were without planting instructions. Please help!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 21 APR 08 by HMF Admin
Please start by using the search features found on the Q&A and the Ezine - you'll find all sorts of useful information to help you get started. There are several good Ezine articles that should be perfect for you.
Discussion id : 25-555
most recent 18 APR 08 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 18 APR 08 by new to roses
I received 2 Scarlet Knight rose bushes as a housewarming gift but did not receive planting information ie: direct sun, indirect sun. I would appreciate any help as I am new to roses and want them to thrive.
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