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'Eden Climber ™' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 30 MAY by Johno
A very minor spelling error.
On the description page regarding the breeding program: “DANSE DE SYLPHES” should be “DANSE DES SYLPHES”.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 30 MAY by Patricia Routley
I think that spelling error would have been taken directly from the Australian Patent Johno.
If you take a look at the LINEAGE / PARENTAGE TREE, HelpMeFind spells it correctly.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 30 MAY by Johno
I could not open the Australian Patent to check, but both the US Patent office and HMF lineage spell it correctly as
“DANSE DES SYLPHES”. The Australian patent office is either wrong or there has been a typo error. There is only a missing "S" in “DANSE DE SYLPHES”. Otherwise, we have a missing rose.
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Initial post 15 JUN 23 by Jay-Jay
This rose defoliates completely due to blackspot this year. It is over here nor heat or drought resistant. When sprayed with the earlier described sulfur solution it behaves way better is my experience.
Moonlight (KORklemol), Tiffany Cl. and the "golden oldie" Sutter's Gold Cl. behave way better: No blackspot at all, healthy foliage that remains on the plant... and lots of new canes and flowers.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 18 JUN 23 by ThomasR
In France we call this rose "Pierre De Ronsard" or just "Ronsard". I never saw a large choice of roses at nurseries but there was always this one. Growing in a semi-enclosed courtyard it tended to be a big unealthy shrub with poor rebloom. Usually Spring always comes here with days of Vent d'Autant (wind) which is terrible for roses. But this year Springtime was unusually rainy, with moments of burning sun. Many roses would ball, get brown or fried, and get black spot. Monsieur Louis Ricard got so black I could barely see the spots. But weirdly le Ronsard was thriving this year. Is it because I only kept two naked leggy canes with foliage and blooms farther from the ground, or did it like the pony's Hartog leftovers I threw at it this winter ? Thank you for reminding me I had a box of garden sulphur...
Reply #2 of 2 posted 19 JUN 23 by Jay-Jay
Thank You for Your reply. I mostly refer to this rose as Pierre de Ronsard, but in a hurry, or a bit lazy, I use the name Eden... that's way shorter.
Most years Pierre de Ronsard looked better. Maybe it's getting more prone to blackspot over the years.
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Initial post 24 JAN 13 by A Jardineando en Madrid
I planted my roses Pierre de Ronsard in January 2011. They have flourished so far two seasons. Live in Madrid (Spain) where the climate is harsh (hot in summer and very cold in winter) The sun is scorching. Maybe that's why my Pierre de Ronsard only bloom in spring. But the bloom is so spectacular! Roses are large with many petals, virtually unscented, with beautiful shades cream / pink. This is a healthy rose, vigorous, beautiful and fast growing vegetation. They hold quite well the strong sun of Madrid (Spain) but rose slightly fade with the sun. They are also resistant roses in the rain. They bloom in May and flowering lasts about a month. Too bad then not bloom again until the following year. However I am very satisfied with the outcome of this rose.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 JAN 22 by Peter Egeto
Sorry for the late reply - i'm looking at this rose and rather looks like White Eden/Palais Royal. But it's just my thought
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Initial post 11 MAR 21 by ParisRoseLady
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